The Company is equipped with advanced technology and a well-established system for manufacturing high-quality products. We are part of the limited group of companies to have capabilities for both design and production, testing and maintenance at the same time.


ZASLON JSC offers a wide range of products – from aircraft maintenance equipment to airfield equipment and technology for aviation processes. Our company is also ready to offer aviation equipment maintenance and repair services

Various types of machinery and equipment to be used at airfields for ensuring flight safety and aircraft maintenance. The range of ZASLON JSC includes various airfield equipment.

Various types of electronic equipment to be installed on board aircraft and designed to ensure their operability and flight safety. ZASLON JSC offers various developments in this area.

Radiopositioning systems can be used for various purposes, including detection of other aircrafts, navigation, search and rescue, as well as finding targets of facilities on the ground.


The new area to be extremely in demand. Own solutions have been developed in the field of medical equipment, as well as research and development work (R&D) is being carried out in parallel.

The SmartScan-15 domestic portable ultrasound scanner with the interactive user interface, the 15.6” touch screen, voice control, the capability of autonomously operating in diagnostic mode for at least 180 minutes.


We provide a full range of marketing research services in the field of healthcare, with the preparation of the detailed report and further recommendations for developing your project. We will prepare the advance project for your product.


Services for developing, testing and optimizing new products or services

We provide services for full-cycle production – from preparation of documentation for commissioning to small-scale and mass production)


Our team of professionals specializes in repair and restoration of equipment of various industries. We use modern technology and methods to ensure high quality services and maximum efficiency.


ZASLON JSC has huge opportunities in the field of microelectronics for various industries, meeting high international quality and safety standards. We are ready to offer innovative solutions and professional consultation to our customers. In particular, development and production of own microwave MMIC.

Delivery to the consumer of products (microwave MMIC) of own design and manufacturing (quality category of QCD)

Development of the entire spectrum of microchips for various functional purposes, both active and passive, according to the Customer’s requirements.

The complex of technological equipment allows carrying out the full cycle of work on housing microchips and microassemblies, starting from thinning of plates and ending with parametric control and testing

Marine equipment

ZASLON JSC is a manufacturer and supplier of high-tech devices for marine equipment. Our products comply with the highest international quality and safety standards, providing efficient and reliable solutions to our customers’ tasks. We also offer services for the design and development of customized solutions for our customers, taking into account their needs and requirements.


Radio-electronic systems can be used for various purposes, including detection of other vessels, navigation, search and rescue, as well as Object position targeting on the sea surface.


The light signaling shipborne complex makes it possible to perform maneuvers and ensure safety at sea, warning of the presence of other vessels and obstacles in the maritime space.

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Our company is ready to provide both ready-made solutions and services for developing individual solutions for our customers, taking into account their needs and requirements. We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products and services, and are also ready to provide our customers with professional consultation and assistance in choosing the most suitable solution for their tasks.


Services for developing, testing and optimizing new products or services

Development of design documentation is a process necessary for manufacturing any product that requires compliance with many requirements and regulations

Services for developing mockups and prototypes of new products, services or design solutions

Warehousing and logistics

ZASLON JSC is a company that offers a wide range of services in the field of warehousing and logistics. We provide storage and transportation of goods at a high level, offering an individual approach to each customer. Our Company has its own warehouses and vehicles, which allows us to organize fast and high-quality delivery of goods. We are ready to provide our customers with a full range of services, starting from receiving and storing goods, ending with their delivery, and cargo tracking at all stages. Our team of professionals is ready to help our customers solve any issues related to organization of logistics and warehousing.


We provide services for responsible storage of large-sized products, products that require compliance with the temperature regime


Registration of documents for the transportation of goods and materials;
Execution of powers of attorney for the receipt and transfer of cargo.


We provide support for bulky cargo with subsequent organization of unloading/loading.


We carry out loading and unloading of goods and material values at the addressee of the customer when transferring to responsible storage, with packaging, labeling and compliance with technical standards.


ZASLON JSC has at its disposal warehouse areas of more than 3.5 thousand square meters, equipped with various shelving systems for storing goods and materials, capable of unloading large-sized products weighing up to 3 metric tons. The warm storage area for non-ferrous metal is organized.


At your service, we can provide you with a transport with a load capacity from 800 kg to 5,000 kg, with side and front loading, both open and closed board.


ZASLON JSC is a reliable partner in the field of construction. We offer a wide range of services, starting from the design and development of the project concept, ending with the construction and commissioning of the finished facility. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in various construction industries, which allows us to offer a high-quality and effective solution for each project. We are also ready to provide services for the reconstruction and modernization of existing facilities. Our Company guarantees its customers high quality work, compliance with deadlines and affordable prices.


We carry out any type of construction work by contractors


Development and construction of various engineering networks and systems (water supply, sewerage, heating, heating networks)

Office space rental in ATLAS CITY Business Center – facilities for comfortable work and other tasks are located on the territory of the business center. The developed infrastructure of the area will provide convenience and a full range of services.


Management and control of construction from the idea to the commissioning of the facility


ZASLON JSC is ready to offer you both ready-made solutions in the field of telecommunications equipment, and to provide services for the development, production, and supply of systems at the request of the customer.

ZASLON JSC is actively developing the satellite communication terminal for mobile objects, in order to provide broadband Internet access through constellations of spacecraft in geostationary orbit (Yamal, Express).

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Ваша заявка успешно отправлена. В ближайшее время мы с вами свяжемся для уточнения деталей.